Specialty Accents for Christmas

Ino Schaller Santas

Ino Schaller paper mache collectible Santas are hand crafted in Bavaria, Germany by Ino Schaller. The Ino Schaller family has been creating German paper mache collectibles for over a century.

Each new piece is stamped on the bottom with the following, “This limited production “papier mache” is hand-made in the original antique mold in Germany by INO SCHALLER.” Each piece is also signed by Ino Schaller.

Steinbach Nutcrackers

The Nutcracker Tradition began centuries ago in the Alpine regions of Germany. In legend, the Nutcracker possessed miraculous powers,
bringing good fortune and protection from evil spirits. The more elaborate their decorations, the stronger their powers. They were hand-made by the finest German woodworkers in the land. The Nutcracker has become popular around the world for it’s craftsmanship and history. These Treasured Collectible Keepsakes are handed down from generation to generation.  The history, quality, detail, and superior craftsmanship of Steinbach Nutcrackers is unmatched!